Friday, December 21, 2007

Isn't that just clever!

While I was cleaning my car yesterday, I overheard the boys talking about a dump truck. Adventure Boy wanted Underwear Boy to wear his helmet and buckle it up. Underwear Boy said he would wear the helmet but didn't want to buckle it up. This argument continued on until Underwear Boy told Adventure Boy to stop 'arassing' him.

They continued to talk about the dump truck. Adventure Boy said he would get in it and Underwear Boy said that he would use the controller to make it go. The only dump truck looking thing we have around here is UB's power wheel tractor that has the bucket in the front.

Starting to get curious as to what is happening, I peak around the corner and this is what I see.

This is the dump truck they were talking about. Adventure Boy tied the rope around the basketball goal and then tied it to the so called bucket. He even had some extra rope on there so he could pull himself up and down.

This is the so called remote that Underwear Boy said he was in charge of in order to make the bucket go up and down. Notice the tape around this concoction. The controller even has a switch.

I quickly took inventory of all the extension chords. I was sure those boys would use one to power up this thing.

The ingenuity they have amazes even me.

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