Monday, December 3, 2007

Can we pleeeeeaase watch a movie on the camcorder?

I think the weather, days with fluctuating temperatures anywhere from 37-7o degrees, have made the boys wilder than what they are.

For example, Adventure Boy wakes up early. By 7 am every day. Doesn't matter if he goes to bed at midnight, he's up by 7am. The rooster sets his cock a doodle doo by AB. Not only does he wake up early, but he's got his full energy throttle set in from the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep. One day I'm going to figure out how to bottle up all that energy and makes millions.
Underwear Boy likes to sleep in. 8 or sometimes 9 am is when he wakes up. UB likes his sleep.
He wakes up sucking his fingers and "plotting" to see what he can get in to.
AB has learned how to light a match. Scary. This morning, while I was trying to wake up and not having had my intake of caffeine in the form of a coca-cola, he is walking around the house trying to make the house smell good by lighting every candle that exists in this house.
I also have an oil lamp and he turned that on. I soon got a headache from smelling spicy, sweet and other smells around my house.
UB decided to play with my industrial sized mop bucket and tried to use it as a cannon. Apparently, the mop handle makes a nice cannon to ram into the wall. Good thing I caught him in time. Otherwise, I'd have to explain to Hubster why there is a big hole in our almost a year old wall.
AB wanted to record all the "fun" things that him and UB do and so he charged the battery to the camcorder. After 5 minutes of being plugged in, he asked "Is it ready yet?" This continued for the next hour. That blasted thing was dead. There was no way it was going to be ready in 5 min.
After an hour, I told him he could go get it. For the last 3 hours it has been sitting on the coffee table in our living room recording the TV. They want to "watch" TV on the camcorder before bed tonight. (deep sigh)
Before AB started recording, we went to the Toy Shop. The Toy Shop is a non-profit place here in town that provides free toys to needy families for Christmas. It is a very good thing.
So we went to go pack some boxes with toys for some families. We had a 7 yr old boy and a 4 yr old boy on the list. Good idea, I thought, same ages as mine. These boys will know what those boys would like. We start loading the box full of toys that the kids said they would like. They both liked scooters and one wanted a football and the other a soccer ball. We got those things. But then I was informed by an older lady that 4 yr olds don't ride scooters. I put my hand on MY 4 yr olds head and said "He's 4 and he loves riding his scooter" She said "Don't take this the wrong way, but 4 yr olds shouldn't be riding scooters". I guess I won't tell her that he got the scooter when he was 3.
We put one scooter back and then we were also told that the 4 yr old couldn't have a soccer ball because then they wouldn't have enough balls for all those older kids. I guess this 4 yr old little boy is just not going to get what HE wanted this year. Maybe his older brother will share. We did throw in a couple of extra cars that he wanted AND a cool spy kit.
I was just informed that the camcorder ran out of life. I'd better go charge it so that they can "watch" TV on it tonight. I sure don't want to disappoint them. Ha Ha

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