Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does this coat make me look fat?

I'm a little late posting today. It's still cold outside. But at least the ice is gone. The boys actually let me drive today.

I like the cold weather. The only think I don't like are the heavy coats. Nothing like wearing an extra 10 pounds to the already heavy body. Feeling like a sumo wrestler.

The boys don't like this weather. Adventure Boy wears sleeveless shirts during the summer. So what do you think he wants to wear when it's 28 degrees outside? Yep, sleeveless shirt.

On Sunday, it was 28 outside and he was determined to wear his sleeveless shirt(to church) with a long sleeve shirt on top, because he couldn't get it through his head that the ice on the sidewalk and weighing the trees down meant that it was cold outside. It's only ice you know.

After much persuasion, he wore a regular shirt with a long sleeve shirt on top. Then came the dilemma with the coat. He wanted to wear a hoodie. I really don't think he understood the concept of coooooold by this time.

He has a heavy camo jacket, but Hubster didn't want him to wear that to church. He brought his heavy coat that has two jackets in one and makes you look like the little boy with the red rider bb gun.

He was arguing that the coat was too heavy, that it was too hot, that it was in the way. By this time, I just tuned him out. Freeze if you want boy!

We arrive at church and he does not take this coat off. He says it makes him warm. HMMMM!

After a while, he starts complaining that he can't breathe. I tell him that if he took off his big heavy coat, he'd probably breathe a lot easier. No mom, can't do that, then I'll be cold.

After much persistence on my part (because I'm just such a nice mommy) and heavy whispering of "well then stop complaining about not being able to breathe" he decided to take his coat off.

"Wow mom, I can breathe now" he said

How much longer until spring?

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