Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The boys have been fighting since yesterday. I blame it all on the weather. It's always someone or something else's fault, never mine.

Adventure Boy uses his karate skills on Underwear Boy, but not to fear because Underwear Boy knows how to bite and pinch hard. Thus starting the he hit me, he bit me, he started it first saga.

I wait until they both start to cry then they get in trouble. I won't tell you what I do to them. All I can say is that if that law that they are trying to pass in that weird state ever passes here, I'm in big trouble. But I do threaten to tape them to the wall, hang them on the ceiling fan or even tie them to their beds, but none of that ever works.
Adventure Boy was having a stripe test at karate. The way karate is done here is that every month they get a black stripe on their belt. After three black stripes they get a red one and after the red one they receive their next belt. AB is only a white belt. Yesterday he got a red stripe and because it was red and not black he wanted me to take pictures.
During the testing, one little boy was going to get his gold belt. He was told by the instructor to break a board with his foot. All the kids in the class were watching with much intensity. The little boy did it. He broke the board in half with his kick. It was neat to watch. Of course we moms are like "I bet they broke the board a little before they let him kick it".
Well, that brought Adventure Boy to a whole new level of adventurness. All he could talk about was how he was going to start practicing on breaking a board with his kick so that he could do it on the first try at karate. (The little boy took 3 tries)
While he was showering, I heard a noise in the shower. He normally hits the bathroom wall because it's a fun noise (I'm guessing here). I tell him to stop and to my dismay I see he is practicing his kick in the shower.
I can only imagine how many holes we are going to have in our walls while he attempts to practice this move over and over until next month.
I'm thinking that today Hubster and I will have to go buy a supply of boards just so that AB could leave our walls in one piece.

Don't make me karate chop you!

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