Friday, December 7, 2007

Sweet dawg

Do you like her "guard her" belt?
This is what I call a redneck garter belt.

The boys decided they were going to dress up Cinnamon just a little. Amazingly she just lets them do what they want with her. She kept this contraption on until I decided she had been a good sport long enough.

I've been pretty tired with Hubster out of town. It seems like I always have extra work to do when he's not around. I wonder why!

The boys have been good. For a change. Cinnamon has been ornery. Must have been pay back from the belt issue.

I spend a good amount of time cleaning the mess she had made outside.

She has a nice comfy house on the back porch. This house has 3 nice and warm blankets that are supposed to keep her warm. For some reason, she takes all the blankets out and drags them out all around the house.

Hubster says this makes us look like white trash, but I beg to differ since I'm Mexican. I can think of many other things.

Each blanket is set up in it's own primitive location due to the way the sun shines. She has to sunbathe and just goes from blanket to blanket during the day.

I still have pumpkins outside that I need to make more pumpkin bread with. But I guess I won't anymore, because Cinnamon has been placing them as decorations around her blankets.

I had left a cooler outside and forgot about it. I don't know why, it's not like I have much to do around here. As we get ready to go to karate, I notice that she had dumped the cooler over and there were several water bottles that I had failed to get out of the cooler. She got a hold of them and was having a drinking party at night. These water bottles were everywhere. All chewed up and the lids were unrecognizable.

Dogs are just like children. Wanting attention and doing whatever just to get it. She looked at me with her big brown sad eyes and I couldn't help but love on her. Sweet dog.

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