Wednesday, December 5, 2007

All I need is some gas people!

Contrary to popular belief, women are NOT the ones that don't know what they are doing.

Upon seeing that my gas tank had a little light on to the left of it, I looked at my screen and it told me that I had 5 miles left to go until I ran out of gas.

The thought of walking to the nearest gas station with three boys, somewhere along the way I picked up a kid, just does not appeal to me.

I approach the nearest gas station and see that all 3 pumps (small in -neighborhood convenience store) were busy. I pull in behind the car that has no one in it, because my thinking is that they have gone inside to pay. I should stop thinking!

I do notice a group of 20 somethings around the front of the store. All boys, all talking nonsense to each other. As I pull in behind this car, I notice two boys coming towards that car. I'm thinking all is good. I should really stop thinking!

This guy goes to his car and start pumping the gas. HMMMM. I patiently, annoyingly, wait for a little while. All the other pumps still have someone pumping gas into their vehicles.

I turn off my car so that I won't run out of gas while waiting for pretty boy to decide what he wants to do, because by this time, he's walking back to talk to his friends, then decides against it and comes and sits inside his car to groom, but not before he adjusts. (if you know what I mean)

At this time, I see a car leaving. I hurry up and turn my car on and zoom over there so as to beat the little old lady that I see eyeing that spot.

I open my gas tank, fill up my car and pretty boy is still sitting in his car while his car is being filled. He then walks back into the store and comes out carrying a case of cokes. He proceeds to sit back in his car. By this time, my car is full and his is still filling up. I don't quite understand that because he's got an old ford Taurus that doesn't look like if it can hold more than 5 gallons.

Oh well! I just drive off and think that people have it all wrong when they say that we women are indecisive. And then I decide that I'm going to start thinking again, so there!

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