Thursday, January 17, 2008

The chicken that tried to escape

I went to the store -alone- last Saturday. I've said before, how I enjoy going to the store ALONE because that means I don't have to break up fights. I just go and walk through every single aisle at the store. And I do it because, well just because I want to OK?

Even if I don't have to get anything from that aisle, I like to walk the aisle. Sounds like I'm getting married on aisle 3 or something. Anyway, I saw things that were new and then I saw things that were just strange. Like artichoke hearts. Have you ever really looked at the jar? They look gross. But I do enjoy a hot spinach artichoke dip with some crusty, but soft bread. Yum!

After walking the aisles for over an hour and not really buying much, I decided to hurry up a little. I almost buggy bumped some people, and then almost dropped a sidekick in my hastiness, but all was well. Until some man said "Excuse me, but I think you dropped something" he pointed down on the floor. Wouldn't you know, that family pack of chicken breast was trying to make a flying escape. I pick it up and say "thank you" because stuff falls out of my basket every time I go shopping. Only it's usually the boys that do stuff like that and never when I'm alone. Can you believe that chicken was trying to escape from me?

So I hurry up and finish shopping, check out and start heading out the door. I'm practically running because it's past noon and I knew the natives would be hungry. I'm rushing to my car when I run over what I believe is a speed bump. But then I remember that this store doesn't have speed bumps. And I didn't have any kids that I ran over, so I look down and what do you think I see?

THE CHICKEN. Trying to get away again. Only this time I ran over it with the shopping cart, so it really is dead again. It's a good thing that it was double bagged. It wasn't dirty and it wasn't wasted.

I need to remember to tell the other chickens at the store that their brothers didn't get away and neither will they. I'm gonna eat them in chicken tostadas, grilled chicken, southwest chicken sandwiches, chicken quisada (chicken with gravy mexican style) and other chickeny ways. ~evil laugh~


Kari said...

I'll let you cook chicken for me any day even if it has been run over and dropped out and tried to escape. This is too funny of a story!

Anonymous said...

Tell me the recipe for southwest chicken sandwiches