Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let's start the new year believing

Happy 1st day of 2008!
Adventure Boy is quite excited that it is 2008. He has no clue what that means, but he knows it's a new number. He woke up at 7:15 because Disney was having a movie marathon of some sorts to celebrate the new year and he just HAD to watch it.

I am optimistic in believing that maybe this will be the year for the following:
*No fights amongst two brothers who love each other dearly
*They will tell each other how much they love each other
*They will NOT gang up on mom and dad
*They will clean up their own spills (without leaving the dirty rags on the counter top)
*They will pick up the Lego's after they are spread all over the floor
*They will play lovingly with each other in their own rooms and not in the master bedroom or anywhere where else in the house
*They will play with their own expensive toys rather than tape and boxes.

Believing in these things are almost as non-existent as me saying I am starting a diet today, tomorrow or within the year.

As I get out of bed, and lazily walk into the kitchen to start breakfast, and find the following:
* the remains of stickiness on the floor where the juice had spilled and was sloppily cleaned. I do however find the empty juice jug in the fridge with the lid off
* the boys yelling at each other for not doing what the other wants to do
*fighting over a blanket that one had, but the other wants
* playing with Lego's in the living room floor (I'm sure I'll find little pieces in between my toes soon)

I can only continue to believe that soon, the list I described earlier will come true. In the meantime I'm off to break up a fight that occurred over who has whose toy.

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Berrblonde said...

It could happen! Hang in there Laura! :)