Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cinni mini's story

Hi ya'll! Welcome to my homestead. I'm glad ya'll came by. Now let me tell you a little about what happens here. You see, I have four humans. Two are big, I call 'em my momma & daddy. The other two humans are small, I call them AB and UB. Now them humans are some nice people you know. But sometimes them little humans just wear me out. I mean, sometimes they think I'm a horse and want a 'ride', I'm still not quite sure what that means, so I just sit down because well, they are a little heavy you know.

Now let me show you how I walk right now. Not everyone can walk and run on three legs, but yessiree bob, I sure can. I've got no problem at all hoppin' along on sometimes two legs. You see, my little human AB was riding his dirt bike. Now, I saw him doing tricks and all and UB was as well, but I knew AB wanted to go higher up you know. So I ran to him because I was going to be a doggie ramp, and I guess he didn't see me 'cuz next thing you know, my left rear leg is a hurtin'. Now it's not AB's fault you know, he was riding with that big thing on his head and didn't see me, I'm quite fast.

So see? There's lots going on 'round here. Anybody wanna play twister with me?

No? OK, I'll just lay here and guard my homestead. Thanks for stoppin' by. Come again real soon.

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