Monday, January 21, 2008

The little old ladies and Hubster

Saturday, while at the game, there was an incident with an older lady. This Upwards program is at a church and they promote teamwork, thinking of others, etc.

Well, Hubster and I were sitting in a group of chairs next to the court where AB was supposed to play. There were some chairs in front of us where we thought we might sit. Before AB's game started, we saw some chairs 'available' on the front row to the side of us. We looked at each other and said, let's go sit up there.

We get up and are already at the chairs when we hear a lady say in a not so quiet voice "they can't sit there. I had those people that were sitting there, save us those seats. You need to move them out of the way. Those are our seats. They can't sit there. This whole row is ours."
(This lady is not 20 or 30 or 40 or even 50 something)

I realized during the screaming fit she was making that she was talking about us. I look up from the chair, and there is another lady about my age behind me with a very apologetic look on her face. She looks at me and says "I'm so sorry. Go ahead and sit there. I don't mind."

This response got another screaming fit from the first lady. The second lady was persistent. "please, sit down there, it's OK."

By this time, I realize I'm not going to put her in the middle of her screaming partners fit. I get my stuff and tell Hubster to let's go sit down where we were originally.

These chairs where we are sitting happen to be right behind screaming lady. Her mom is trying to calm her down and tell her stuff. Screaming lady says in a loud voice "I am not embarrassed to say anything. Did you hear me tell them?" Yes, lady, I'm sure the people on the bleachers located on the opposite end of the gym heard you.

I knew Hubster was mad, but we didn't say anything. Although Hubster did say that he hoped the basketball hit her since she was sitting underneath the goal.

It just amazes me that we should try to teach by example and here she was acting like a lunatic. I'm sure her grandson was going "That's my grandma. Go grandma, kick some bootie."

We got out of there with no fights. Just smile and nod people.

Then yesterday, Hubster dropped me off at the grocery store while he went to go get gas. I went in and got some cokes, because if you don't know me, the most important thing to know about me is that I NEEEEEEED me a cold coke in the morning. I was out at home and didn't want to expose my grouchiness to my family.

After I get what I need, I walk out and don't see Hubster. I wait and wait and wait some more. I finally call him and he says he's in the parking lot.

When I get in, he proceeds to tell me a story about an older lady honking at him to get out of the way while he is waiting for me outside the doors. When he does move, she follows him (in her car) and glares at him because she thinks he's going to take her parking spot.

This incident along with the incident the day before leaves Hubster with a goal of wanting to find out why little old ladies are mean.

I'm not really sure, but I'm thinking that little old ladies have a problem with Hubster.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh! ...I would have had to say something..u did much better than I would have! and I so understand about coke in the morning..well Diet coke atleast!! lol...that is funny!

jill said...

I have decided a long time ago, that some old people are really happy because they have led a good life, they have loved, they have been blessed, and they know it. some people are grumpy bc they know they have not led a good life and they are pissed off about the fact that they know they weren't good people. or, their mad bc their hubster died. That is what I have found. People like to hold grudges, and bc they are old, a lot of people make excuses for them. If that were any other person, they wouldn't have gotten away with that. That is all there is to it. It is like someone with a disability like having down syndrome using that to their advantage. They just know they can get away with it bc they are old.