Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mister, Mister have you any pecans?

We went on a filed trip this morning to pick pecans at a friends house. I don't know if we were just stupid or desperate or both, but the temperature this morning was 27 and it warmed up nicely to 29 by the time we drove to their house which was an hour away. The wind was blowing and the clouds were out, but we were determined to go pick pecans.

On the way back, we saw this red tail hawk. I pulled over to take a picture, but by the time I got my camera out, it was flying away. Don't go bird, I promise you, I'm not that crazy.

But in order to get to this house that has the pecans, we had to drive down this 2 lane road that makes you cringe every time a semi comes from the opposite direction. The wind is blowing hard and these semi's drive as fast as they can, so that when they come up to you, the pressure blows off your vehicle and your vehicle shakes a little. Scary. Reminds me of an amusement park ride.

And then you come across creek signs like these.

I wonder what would happen if the fish from the west creek came into the east creek by mistake? Possibly war. I'm sure they'd be saying things like, "you're from the other side of the road, now go back" " we were here first."

When we get to our destination, we unload and start bundling up. They have these fancy pecan picker upper thingies that the boys all want to fight over because they are cool weapons. One looks like a hamster exercise ball and the other looks like a slinky on the end of a pole. Whatever these things are called, they are pretty cool. Of course, there are 6 boys there and only 3 of these things. You do the math.

Get busy AB, I need lots of pecans. No time to play. Don't worry about the frost that is still on the ground, just walk around it.

Come on UB, work a little faster. It doesn't matter that it's only 29 degrees and our snot is dripping out faster than we can catch it. Get a move on boy!
But in the end, we ended up with bags of pecans. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. I'm sure our friends felt sorry for us and gave us some of their stash, but we're not complaining.
I had to stop and get some gas on the way home. I just can't believe that gas prices went up 10 cents from last night. So I go to a Wal-Mart that has a gas station and the gas is $1.81. 18 cents cheaper than here, so you bet I filled up. I was even tempted to go inside Wal-Mart and buy those red gas containers and fill 'em up and take 'em home for later. Gotta keep saving money somehow.
So what did I get out of this trip? Let me count the ways:
*adult conversation
*snot drippings everywhere
*bags of pecans
*cheap gas
and can't forget the beautiful Oklahoma scenery.

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