Friday, January 4, 2008

Smell me pleeeeeaase!

The boys got some small bottles of cologne in their stockings for Christmas. UB somehow managed to get all three bottles from his brothers. Every day he approaches either me or his daddy and says" smell me". Sometimes I'm hesitant to do that because he can throw some mean stink bombs. But by the smell in the air, I can verify that it is not a stink bomb. It is the smell of lots of cologne on. This boy puts it on in the morning, before he goes outside to play, when he comes inside from playing, before he eats, before and after a shower and before bed.

It will be a sad day in this house when there is no more cologne to put on.
But then this is the same little boy who wants to wear his pants this way. This had started as a small, tiny little hole. Some people pay big bucks to wear clothes like this. Not me, no way, I just give some clothes to UB and he does the decorating.
What more do you want from a 4 yr old? Smelling good and looking good!!!!

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