Saturday, January 19, 2008

Together they can do it!

Adventure Boy is in a basketball program called Upward Basketball. He did it last year and wanted to do it again this year. This program has them learn a memory verse and then they receive a star to iron on their t shirts. They also receive a star after the game. Well, today was the first game. It's fun to watch 1st graders run around trying to get the ball in the basket.

One member of the opposite team would throw the ball in the court, but then would just stand there until his team came back from the opposite end. Then you have AB, who runs around his team mate that has the ball, waves his hands up in the air to let his team mate know that he's open. Only his team mate is eyeing the goal straight ahead as opposed to AB being behind him by the back court.

He's learning. When he dribbles the ball and loses it, he doesn't go fight for it, he just lets the opposite team have it. He even gets excited when the opposing team makes a basket. At least he's having fun.

What surprised me from this morning was not what happened during the game, but what happened after the game. I know that all siblings fight. (At least I hope that all siblings fight). There is an unspoken rule between siblings that they protect each other. I know that's true with these boys. They can fight all they want with each other and call each other names, but have someone else fight and call them names just does not happen here. They defend each other when needed.

One of the moms had taken snacks for after the game. When I notice AB getting ready to grab another one I ask him what he's doing, he's already got his snack. He looks at me and says he was going to get one for his brother. That's a Hallmark moment for me. ~sniff~

When we were in the car, UB was telling AB about a little girl that pinched him in the play area. AB got his chest puffed out, his head raised up and started asking questions.

"Where did this happen?"
"How old was she?"
"Was she taller than you?"
"Why did she do that?"

I thought he was going to make me go back, because he seemed to be getting more upset every time he asked a question. Then he said, "Well, next time just come get me"

That's my boys!!! Now, I'm not encouraging fights, I'm just encouraging brotherly love.

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