Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The homestead security

I'm not sure why this is typing this way and since I'm not a computer guru, I can't figure it out.

A little over a year ago, we were having our house built. We had a shop built already and we were using it as a storage area. We would come over in the evenings and I would brush hog while the boys would play with daddy. Adventure Boy would actually ride his dirt bike.

One evening, we came over and did what we were going to do. The next evening we came back to play and we found that someone had broken into the shop and had taken the dirt bike. Nothing else was taken, only that.

Fast forward one year. The boys got some BB guns for Christmas. AB got a Red Ryder BB gun and UB got a little buck one.

They are prepared to stand guard in the shop and wait for the the thieves that hopefully will not be back.

No one is going to break in again.

And if some one does attempt to break in, I do feel sorry for them because these boys are looking for a reason, any reason, to use these guns. And while they may not be very dangerous, they can hurt. You see, UB sometimes forgets to put the safety on and AB gets something pictured in his mind and nothing will stop them at doing what they are going to do.

That's my boys!!!!!!

"Do you want a piece of us? Don't make me us use these guns, but go ahead, give us a reason to use them!!

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berrblonde said...

that scares me a bit! lol :O