Monday, January 7, 2008

How difficult is it to find jeans for Adventure Boy?

At only 6 yrs old, Adventure Boy is 4'6" tall. He only has two pairs of jeans that fit him (length wise). Even those are just right on the ankle. So we head off to a store to go find him some pants that actually fit. As much as he dislikes trying on jeans, that is the only way we can make sure that he is not going to be running around with jeans that are either too little or too big.

We find some jeans and go to the dressing room. He's not liking this part so he goes inside the dressing room only to come out a couple of minutes later with some jeans on saying "oh mom, these are perfect. They fit just right, let's go" I get up to go see and this kid has got his pants on halfway up his hiney and not buttoned. When we button them up, they are actually shorter than the ones he has that do fit.

Back in he goes. To play in the dressing room. The next pants he tries takes him longer to put on because he's jumping up to see if he can touch the jeans to the ceiling. He's also crawling from stall to stall because there is no one else there and he says it's fun.

He comes back out with another pair that is super baggy, but the waist is small. But according to him, "they are comfortable mom". Even if he looks like he's wearing a corset. We finally find some that fit him. Of course out of all the pairs we had, those that fit are not on sale. Oh well!

We approach the register and there is an elderly lady in her 80's paying for her stuff. She then gets her receipt and starts looking for her keys and stuff. This takes her a while. We just stand there and smile. She turns around to apologize for taking up too much time, then proceeds to tell us that she is lost without her husband. Her husband used to do things for her and now that he's gone, she has a hard time alone. She then starts to cry and tells us that she can't even change a light bulb out in her laundry room. She can't get on a ladder. I feel bad for her and the cashier is looking at me with a 'what do I do' look. I ask the lady if she would like for me to follow her home and change it out.

Of course I'm looking my 'best' that morning. Because before the drama enfolded of AB needing jeans, I was busy starting to clean. I had on some sweats and a ratty t-shirt, with my hair all messed up and no make-up. Not to mention that AB had on some almost short pants that were 4 days well worn already and his hair was not brushed and his ADHD had kicked in and he was jumping up and down at the register.

So then I asked her if there was a neighbor that she knew could do it. She was still crying and said she hated to bother them. She did get a smile on her face when she had the idea to ask someone at church.

After that incident it made me realize of all the single elderly ladies at our church. How they are not proud, but feel it's a bother to ask for help. They feel that us younger people are too busy and don't have time. They have some of that right, we don't have time, but it's not because we are too busy, it's because we don't use our time wisely.

If you know of an elderly person that is alone, the best thing to do is go to their house and tell them you are there to help them do whatever they need. You'll be surprised at how well that works. Because if you think that you will be rewarding them with your services, you'll be the most rewarded with what they give you. Their smile.

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