Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Emergency Room visit

Good morning everyone! It is a cold, brisk 6 degrees out here. I'll just stay indoors all day today.

Well, UB and I went to the emergency room last night. He's got asthma, and although he's had several 'bad' fits, none as bad as last night. I gave him a breathing treatment at 3pm and he was fine until 7pm. I gave him another treatment at 7:30 and he wasn't getting any better. By 8 he was throwing up. So another treatment at 8:45. By this time he was having a hard time breathing due to the cough which in turn made him continue to throw up. By 9:30 it was time to go to the ER.

I probably should have taken him sooner, but he's not one to complain. I asked him if he was fine, he said yes. I asked him if he could breathe OK, he said yes.

I called my bff Lisa and told her I'm headed over to drop off AB so that I can take UB to the ER. AB was very helpful last night. When UB would puke, he took him a wet wash rag and ask "Are you OK buddy?" When we were loading up into the car he made sure we had the puke bucket just in case his buddy needed it.

I am not a good puke person. I gag and almost puke as well. Hubster is the puke handler. But Hubster was in Mesquite, TX and I had to handle the puke. I never had puke issues when I was pregnant. I would get queasy, but nothing else. So puke and I don't get along. Anyway, I actually did OK. No puke from me when UB was doing it.

On the way to drop AB off, UB is throwing up some more. Coughing quite frequently by this time and can't catch his breath. I start getting mad at myself. I should have taken him in earlier, I should have done this and that. But there was no point in beating myself up about it because what was done was done.

We get to the desk and sign in. It wasn't too busy. The lady notices that he can't breathe and is coughing a lot. She quickly gets on the phone and tells someone on the other end that they need to see him quick. They bring a wheelchair around and UB looks at it then at me. When they see these things at Wal-Mart, they are not allowed to play on them. I tell him it's OK and he hops on. He's pretty wore out.

They get him into a room and start a breathing treatment. Then they give him a steroid to open up his airways, then it's off to go get a chest x-ray. He was pretty pooped by 11pm. We were waiting for the nurse to discharge us and he was snuggled up on my lap. I was just thanking God for this little boy and all the he brings in to my life. I was thanking him for helping my little boy get better.

Needles to say, I didn't sleep much. I remember when I brought the boys home from the hospital after they were born. I would lay them down, but I would go see if they were breathing. Well, that's what I did all last night. He did wake up with a coughing fit at 2:30am and at 6:45 am. I gave him medicine and he was better.

It is such a scary and ugly feeling when your child tries to get some air to breathe and no matter how hard he tries he can't. It's even worse when you are helpless because there's not much you can do to help.

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