Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another sleepless night

"Our Father in Heaven..." Matthew 6:9


Loren has been gone since Sunday. I don't sleep much during the time that he's gone. The boys camp out in my room, which makes me feel better, but I still hear lots of noises all the time. I know it's just my imagination, but it still sounds "real".

After the boys went to sleep last night, I noticed that the shop outside had the lights on. Isaac had been in it yesterday to find a long nail for an experiment. It was pretty late when I noticed the light on. My paranoia kicks in and I start to look out all the windows to make sure it's not someone breaking into the shop and is still out there. My dog is barking wildly outside, but of course she does that every night. That is when I start to hear noises. I thought I heard voices outside and am panicking. I call Loren, like he's going to be able to do anything a thousand miles away, but I tell him I'm going outside and he can call the police from his end if needed. Did I tell you that I'm paranoid?

I open the garage door and stand outside looking all around me. I do this so that if there is someone out there, they can have a good look at me and know that I will hurt them with some of the karate moves my son is learning. (Now I'm not just paranoid, but crazy as well). Cinnamon is barking towards the direction that I'm headed, but I'm determined to turn that light off. I have to save money on my electrical bill you know. Halfway to the shop, the sirens go off. I forgot to turn the alarm off. I'm in my night clothes and my slippers are too big for me. I almost fall head first in the gravel.

I manage to make it to the garage,but Cinnamon is as excited as I am. After finally moving her out of the way, I go inside the house to turn off the loud sirens going off. I'm still on the phone with Loren and he is trying to calm me down. I run to go check on the boys, but not to worry because their snores drowned out the sirens. They didn't even flinch.

I go back out to do what I'm determined to do, run back in the house, shut the garage door and lock myself back in my house. I again set the alarm and attempt to go to sleep. After watching some funny shows on TV, I'm ready to fall asleep. I'm so ready for my honey to come home.


Frog anyone?

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