Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

So we say with confidence,
'The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.'
Hebrews 13:6

Loren's off to another trip. Although this one is for fun. He and several other guys are riding their Harley's to Galveston, Tx. So when I stay alone out here in the middle of Little House on the Prairie, I am scared at night. I set my alarm, but I still am afraid. My mind wanders off and all the bad things that can happen come into mind. I stay up late, and pray that God keep me safe and make me not afraid.

I'm also afraid of how I'm raising my kids. You know, comparing myself to the June Cleavers of the world. My house is not as clean as theirs, my children are not as disciplined as theirs, my laundry is still not put away and so on. But when I ask Him to help me gain confidence and not give in to my worries and such, He does it. He helps me remember that through him I can do it all.
Well, today is Halloween. Yes, we go trick or treating. We are baaaaddd people. We also believe in Santa Clause, The tooth fairy, The Easter Bunny and the Great Big Pumpkin just like in Charlie Brown. So there!! Now you know the real us.

The boys are excited about it. They are going to be Ninja's. Isaac thinks he can use his new karate skills while in costume. The sword might be broken by the time tonight gets here, but at least he'll have a knife. Ha Ha.

We went to our friends house yesterday. She used to be our neighbor when we lived down her street and she is 80 yrs old. Now that we have moved she still calls me to change out her light bulbs, or change out her battery in her smoke detector, or reset her microwave oven clock so that she can just hit start and not key in numbers. So yesterday we went over to take out some crape myrtles that she no longer wanted that were growing wild by the side of her house.

Her back is not in good shape and she's got arthitis in her hands which make her fingers stay curled. But you would never know this while watching her pull those trees out. She wants me to bring them home to plant, but of course my husband doesn't want them. Last time she send me trees to replant, they didn't make it. So Loren doesn't want to dig a hole and have them die. I'm going to be rebellious and still bring them home. Maybe they won't die this time.

Anyway, she told me to make sure to bring the boys by today for Halloween.. I asked her if she had her candy ready to give away and she said "The world is full of candy, the kids get too much sugar that way. I am giving them sodee pops." OK. I guess sodee pops don't have as much sugar as candy. But she is 80 and she'll do what she wants. I hope I get to be 80 one day because when I do, I'm going to do what I want and people will just say, "she's just old and set in her ways" Hee Hee

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