Friday, October 19, 2007

I won!

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."
James 5:16

I enjoy reading all types of books. Recently I went to Tricia Goyer's website and signed up to receive her newsletter. Her books are historical fiction. I have read a couple of them and they are very good. Yesterday I receive an email from her website stating that because I signed up for her newsletter I was entered in a drawing and I won. I WON!!!!! I am going to get six of her books. Isn't that cool!
I have been noticing that Noah has had gum in his mouth every day. I give them gum occasionally, like to keep them quiet at church , but I hadn't been giving any at home. Well, yesterday I start cleaning. Only because Loren is coming home. I see these gum wrappers everywhere. Under the couch, behind the pictures on the bookshelves, under the pillows on the couch, on the dogs bed, in drawers and many more places that I can't keep up with. Of course, I'm still not catching on (the lack of sleep while Loren's been gone is starting to make me hallucinate).

When I see the pantry room light on and the door slightly open and hear noise in there, I peek in and what do I see? My little Noah climbing the step ladder to reach the pack of gum I have stored in there. But I didn't know that he already had one stuffed in the front of his underwear. He casually walks out and says he won't get anymore gum, but I see that he is "adjusting" his front. When I ask what he's got there, he smiles sweetly and pulls out the pack of gum. He said it was for later. Even though I got on to him for the gum fiasco, he came up to me, hugged me gave me a kiss and told me he loved me. I still said no to him. Hee Hee

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