Monday, October 8, 2007

Somethings Burning

Here is something else my boys did just recently. While I was on the phone with some people that were trying to scam me with their "you ordered some medical insurance and in order to send you the packet, we need to verify your checking account info so that we can make sure it's what we have on file" mumbo jumbo. Like I'm going to believe that Me, who handles the finances in this house, had a breakdown and ordered something that I didn't need. No, that only happens when it's something for "me" that I really don't need but want. Anyway, when I wouldn't cooperate with the second person who came on the phone, he hung up on me. I tried calling back both numbers they left with me, but I guess they had caller id because noone answered, (at least not the first time) not even an anwering machine.

So while all this was going on, my boys were doing another experiment. I walk back to my bathroom to finish curling my frizzy hair. I smelt something burned, but thought it was just that my curling iron had been left on too long. As I look at my hair after curling it, I notice I have blue stuff in my hair. Upon further investigating, I realize the curling iron has blue stuff on it. So my conversation goes like this.

"What is this blue stuff on my curling iron" (of course I don't ask nicely, I'm pretty much yelling because there is blue stuff on my hair you know)

Isaac answers cautiously "That's Sandy's hair"

So I start thinking and can't remember knowing anyone named Sandy, not a dog or a person.

"Who's Sandy?" I asked

"You know Sandy mom, from Spongebob Squarepants"

By this time I'm wondering when she came for a visit and I wasn't aware of it.

So Isaac continues "We wanted to see what her hair looked like curled, but now it's just hot and very hard" He walks slowly to me with "Sandy" in his hand.
Poor Sandy, I'm just glad we don't have girl or the boys would really have a blast with her.
We had a wonderful day at church yesterday. We attend a small church with no pastor at the moment, so getting new kids or even existing kids come to church is a challenge. And being the children's director, it's sometimes (most times) disheartening when the only kids that usually come are your own two and your friends four. So this past Sunday I decided to do a pancake breakfast. We were going to eat pancakes and then paint pumpkins. Carving (at church) is just way too much trouble for me. I had bought 20 pumpkins thinking that the leftovers would be used for each classroom to decorate "fallish". So imagine my surprise when we had to go buy more pumpkins because we didn't have enough. We had 23 kids there. Never doubt God. (That's for me to remember). It was wonderful to see them all having fun and enjoying themselves and comparing their creation with their friends. I did say a condensed version of the pumpkin prayer, so they were trying to make their pumpkins into little people. Some of their creations were to say the least "interesting".


jill said...

I can't believe it...that is awesome.

jill said...

that is awesome...