Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Snake, snake!

So now the Lord says, "Stop right where you are! Look for the old, godly way, and walk in it. Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls." Jeremiah 6:16

This is my devotion for the day. How many times do we look at everything around us when it's not going "our" way and say "I just need a break"? I do it a lot, but I forget that in God's word, I can find a break. His word will give me the rest I need. So go ahead and open your Bible's and let God's word rest in you.

School is going great, but reading is a challenge with Isaac. He enjoys every subject out there but reading. He tells me that he is going to drop out of school when he gets to 2nd grade. Just so that he can go work and make some money for "big boy toys". Can you believe that a kid would rather work than go to school? Well, that's my little mexican boy.
He knows the words and will read them when they are alone and not having a party with other words. But put the one word in the same room with the other words, and you have disaster with Isaac. I have done it all, or at least it seems like I have. Well, a couple of weeks ago, he was reading and said he "liked to read". Yee hah.
As I've said, when Loren is not here, he was at a gig, I try to put them to bed early. Last night, Isaac wanted to read. He read and read and read and didn't want to stop. Those words on the page were sure having a party with Isaac as the guest. He read until 9. I made him stop or else he would have kept going. I didn't make a big deal because I know him and he would say "I never said I like to read".


Living out in the country has its own adventures. The boys came running in yelling "snake, snake, mom there's a snake outside". Loren wasn't home so I'm supposed to go save the day. I don't like snakes. I grab my camera, no, I'm not thinking of killing it with it, and run outside. Those boys were ready to catch it. I don't have any knowledge on snakes. The only snakes I see are the ones at the zoo.
We did see a bull snake earlier in the year, but this one was different. It was small and skinny with a red stripe down the middle. I'm not a snake expert, but I think this one was mad because the tongue kept coming out in a non-friendly way. It got into the back of the grill. The boys started throwing stuff at the grill to get it out. I have to admit that my first reaction was to kill the thing.
I take a picture of it and tell my neighbors grandson to go ask his grandpa what kind of snake it is. He comes back and says "it's only a garden snake". Like the word "only" is supposed to be reassuring. We left it alone, and by the time Loren got home, it was gone. I guess it didn't want to play with us anymore.

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Rick said...

I got to your site from Dawn's "Because I Said So" - I got to do her new cartoon - fun. I saw that you were a texan/okie. I was from Oklahoma - isn't that like saying you are water and oil. They don't mix well. My wife saw a snake just last Monday - freaked her out.