Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dressed for comfort

"For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith." 1John 5:4

When we are discouraged, the enemy tries to take over by making us feel worthless, depressed or worried. So we need to listen to God's word during these times, put it in our hearts and our faith will grow stronger. And the next time your are feeling worried, or discouraged, your faith in the word of God will help you get through.

The boys set up boobie traps in the kitchen yesterday. They were plotting against me. Their plan was to get me to trip over these homemade traps. They got some rope and tied one end to the back of a chair and the other end to the trashcan about 8' away. Add some action figures on the floor and you've got you a nice and painful trap. But wait, don't forget the shoes that are left all over the place.

We got ready for school and Isaac was running and jumped over the rope but he fell anyway. Then while we were having school, Noah ran into the kitchen but forgot about his own trap. Down he goes along with the trash can full of let's just say yucky trash. Up goes the trashcan and all that was on the floor. Hooray, I get to clean some more.

Lunch time rolls around and I'm inside getting it ready. The boys run in only to have Isaac trip over his trap yet again. So again, down goes a child along with that same yucky trash can. Up goes the trashcan and I get to clean the leftovers that the boys couldn't get up. I am so honored to pick up trash twice today.

At this time, I am no longer nice mommy. My evil twin shows up because she has had enough. We all untie the rope from both ends and they pick up their shoes and whatever else is left on the floor. I then send them outside and lock them out for a while. At least until I see that they are trying to decorate the dog with wood and then ride her, because you see, the wood is a sled.

We go to karate and I look down and notice that my shirt is almost white again. Before I put my shirt on I noticed that it had some "light" stains on it. So I was quite happy that they weren't very noticeable out in public. I do notice that it is a little tighter in the front. I told myself I needed to go on a diet and just let it go. We went to a couple of places to run some errands after karate. I saw lots of people. When I get home, my shirt is starting to feel uncomfortable on me. It feels like a tight short sleeve turtle neck. I can't stand anything on my neck so I kept stretching it away from me.

After messing with the shirt for a while, I feel something tickling my chin. I reach down and what do you think I felt? That's right folks, the tag to my shirt. IT HAD BEEN ON BACKWARDS! All those places I went and saw all those people. Maybe I need to wear my clothes that way more often. You know, change the stains view for a while.
Whew, at least I don't need to go on a diet today.

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