Thursday, October 11, 2007

I get to sleep in the suitcase

"Give praise to the Lord your God!" 1Chronicles 29:20

Last night, we went to a FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) rally. All the FCA's in the state were to meet at the same time in different football fields around the state. Loren plays in a band with Matt Roberson. They were playing last night at this rally. It was very good. You definitely saw all those high schoolers giving praise to the Lord. It was encouraging to see several different high schools from different towns coming together as one to praise the Lord. There were at least over 200 kids there.

I'm not going to bore ya'll with my boring day from yesterday. (like that's possible with two overly imaginative boys). I'm just going to bore ya'll with my wish list. I enjoy taking pictures and ever since I got my canon rebel, I take pictures all the time. I'm not very good at it, but I capture my kids doing crazy things. So my "wants" are to get 3, but definitely 2 more lenses for my camera. Along with photo shop. I guess I'd better get a job because none of those things are cheap. Anyone know of any jobs I can do from home? lol

The boys have been wearing their costumes for the last 3 days. Noah would wear it all day if I let him. Isaac only wears it when they are playing superheroes. Here they are packed and ready to go camping (in the guest bedroom). That suitcase is holding all their clothes. (can you tell they've never been camping before?

Well, that's enough boring you for today. It's time to go save the clean laundry from the dirty laundry that wants to rule the house. Ahh, don't you just love housework?

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Julie said...

lol. i enjoy reading your page. its always funny or encouraging. your boys are definitely amusing.