Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You broke it!

"Give, and it will be given to you."
Luke 6:38

When we give so much of ourselves, sometimes we feel like if we can't give anymore. But God can continue giving. He can give more to us so that we in turn can give more to others.
Well, yesterday was a strange day. The boys broke their space shuttle, rocket, etc. from yesterday's post. (aka the guitar stand) They were fighting over who got to sit in front, and it just broke. Of course when it broke, they both blamed each other. "you did it, no YOU did it" and on and on. Once they figured out who broke it the most. (their language) It was on to fight about who was going to get the bigger piece. Finally, I took away both pieces and off they went to find something else to break.

While we were doing school I asked Isaac to bring me the little stereo that was on the floor in my room. He ended up dragging that thing from my room to the school room by the chord. When I plugged it in, it wouldn't work. Why? Because I think he thought it was a dog and was pulling it by the collar. He ended up pulling the chord out from the inside of the stereo.

I haven't checked out there rooms to see if they broke anything else. I'm sure there is something else, I will just wait for it to tell me "here I am, I'm broken, you see me?"

I had send them outside and last I heard, they were trying to make a fire out of rocks and sticks. Maybe the dog put the fire out if they succeeded.

We went to my favorite place in the whole world (she says sarcastically) Wal-Mart.
I mean, that may be the only hang out place here, but I dislike shopping there . They have all those registers and only 2 or 3 are open on each side. Which means you have to wait 30 minutes to buy just a couple of items.

So we had one thing and got in line in one of the 3 speedy checkouts that had 6 people. We ended up behind a lady that was sitting in one of those electric wheelchairs. Her basket was full. She seemed to have more than 20 items and I was complaining to myself. You know, we've all done it. "I can't believe she has more than 20 items and she's in the speedy lane" "Why do I always get stuck behind people that don't bother to be respectful" "Why do I even come shopping at this place?" I was going on and on. When suddenly she turns around and looks at me and says "why don't you go ahead, it will take me longer to set these groceries on the register, than it will for you to pay"

Ouch!!! I felt really bad. I had tried to practice what I had put as my devotion yesterday. You know, the fruit of the spirit. But I hadn't practiced it at the place where I needed it the most.

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jill said...

ouch...I have to say I have done the exact same thing. Also, I have to say that Lola seems to be the same way. She goes threw phases where she doesn't bother anything for like a month, and then I come home one day and she tore up my wooden shoes, and my house shoes, and the basket with her toys in it, and anything in the trash, and anything else she finds in the floor that she might be able to chew on. Plus also she poops or pees in the floor bc of course I spank her for this. KIDS!!! hehe. I love you.